Brew Classes


Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to share our beer with a lot of people, and at one time or another, most of them have expressed interest in learning how to brew for themselves. Unfortunately, the time and investment involved in learning can be a deterrent. Others have been introduced to bad brewing kits that produce marginal beer. Our interest is in introducing people to the real process of brewing beer. We are not referring to boiling  a can of malt extract. To us, the real process begins with grain and includes all of the magic that happens in the lauter tun and fermenter to produce truly great beer.

If what you have read so far piques your interest, then read on. If you are content to buy your beer at the corner store or ferment a second rate can of extract and serve it to your friends then please leave. But if you would like to unlock the magic associated with true all-grain brewing then click on because we welcome you and look forward to the opportunity to pass on the knowledge that we have accumulated and the passion that we share for beer.