Learn to Brew!


Our Learn to Brew 101 class is an introduction to all-grain brewing techniques and focuses on familiarizing students with the, terminology, equipment, and methods of all-grain brewing. Brewing 101 is broken up into 2 separate days of education, drinking (tasting), and brewing. Throughout the duration of the class, we will be collectively brewing a single batch of beer while simultaneously learning about what is going on during each stage of the brewing process. Day 1 will last approximately 6-8 hours and will conclude with transferring the wort (unfermented beer) into the fermentation vessel and perhaps drinking a pint or two at the local pub. Day 2 will consist of priming (carbonating) and bottling our beer and will end with each class member taking home their portion (usually 6-12 bottles depending on how many people are in your class) of the beer that we make. (You will need to bring at least six (6) brown pry off bottles to the class if you intend to take beer home with you.)

Price- $50.00